Breaking Down (Into the Darkness)

Breaking Down Into the Darkness

Long ago i built these fences around me,
to protect my soul from the vagaries of life,
to hide from the wretched world that we call home,
to let me be myself;

i guess i got lost,
somewhere along the way,
because i stopped to fortify these fences,
as i assumed i could never get hurt (after-all these years);

Now, as life slowly creeps and crawls its way into my system,
i find myself stranded, i find myself weak,
against an invisible force,
i feel trapped, bound by the shackles of existence;

under a dark twilight,
i slowly slip back into the darkness,
that i once escaped from,
that i once left behind;

with my fences (walls) down,
i can no longer quell these monsters,
that rage within me,
as they try to take control of my senses;

i am just a kite dancing in this hurricane of life,
struggling to hold on to what i have got,
trying to navigate through this raging tempest of existence,
while i descend into the darkness from within;


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