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Come Away with Me

by Praveen Kumar

This poem is written for the love of my life.

come away with me 600x400 - Come Away with Me

it’s been a roller coaster journey,
the last few months have been,
thinking about everything and everyone,
except us – you and me!

we used to be free,
we used to walk through life like a breeze,
i don’t know why, but life has been dragging us
and keeping us busy;

let’s leave everything behind for a day,
let’s toss away the stresses and the pain away,
hand in hand, you and i,
come away with me ;

come away with me to a place,
where we can dance away our sorrows,
under the bright moonlit skies,
just you and me;

come away with me to paradise,
where we can watch the stars twinkle,
as we cuddle up in the salty sands,
drenched in love;

come away with me to a place like no other,
where our bodies slip against one another,
and drops of sweat roll down our naked bodies,
as our heart beats together in the same rhyme;

come away with me to a place where no one can find us,
entangled in each other’s arms and sharing passionate kisses,
as the moon and stars watch over us,
knowing one night is not enough;

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Erica October 25, 2016 - 12:51 am

This poem is so good it speaks to me literally it’s so good thanks for posting it for us to read


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