Prisoner of Emotions

Its all a bit of mystery,
a time of happiness,
a fear of the unknown,
bobbling up and down in the sea of life;Prisoner of Emotions

in a room full of emptiness,
i am lost, searching for something,
i do not know, searching for something,
that is already within;

confused, tensed, happy, sad,
torn, broken, scared, jubilant,
its a barrage of emotions,
trying to drown me in a sea of sorrow;

is it a fear of the unknown tomorrow?
or is it a confusion of the present?
maybe it is about what happened yesterday?

obessesed by a dream of better life,
i am searching for nothing,
i am being led astray from one to another,
dragging me to the depths of hell and to the highs of heaven;

unable to find the power to fight,
i feel myself being dragged,
against my wishes,
and made into a prisoner of emotions;

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