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Battle of Life


for too many years,
i watched as life tossed me
here and there,
up and down;

i told myself,
it is all a game,
one minute i might seem to be a winner,
and the next i might finish as the runner-up; Battle of Life

spinning, turning, tumbling,
tossed up in air,
kicked into the ground,
it was a bitter fight to take control;

take control of life,
that is meant to be mine,
a life full of happiness and joy,
but caught in the middle of a raging war;

years of fighting has taken its toll,
as i sit and watch my life,
fight with every tool and nail,
a glimmer of hope surfaces;

a little bundle of joy,
kicking and screaming,
ready to take its place,
as the knight in shining armour;

strange as it may seem,
all that had died and left behind,
now rise from the ashes like a phoenix,
ready to take the world by storm;

a life without a reason,
now has a meaning,
a battle without a plan,
now has a purpose,
to live and fight another day!

Written for and after the birth of my son recently;

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eriemorganmaples October 20, 2012 - 9:41 am

i love that poem, what did you think about my poem that i wrote called: “The Procelian Pieces” what did you think about that poem?


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