It seems or so people say,Fate
the moment we are born
our fate is already etched
on to our foreheads [1];

how i wish mine was a different one,
i could then do all that i wanted,
the way i want to, carefree
and not bound by any restrictions;

how i wish you could stay with me,
spend our time together without a care
not worrying when you will be taken away
and hidden from us all;

moment when you left, still visible
in my eyes, those sweet, laughter filled
eyes turning into a ravaging floods, once
the realization set in;

unable to stop you, unable to do much
beyond waving goodbye,
standing amidst a sea of gloom
we bid you farewell, hoping the next time
is much longer than this time;

[1] according to Hindu mythology.

written for my niece, who refused to leave us and go back home. Eventually had to trick her and make her board the waiting taxi. The moment she realized she is leaving, her happy face turned into something that is beyond words.

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