Love Archive

Come Away with Me

This poem is written for the love of my life. it’s been a roller coaster journey, the last few months have been, thinking about everything and everyone, except us – you and me! we used to be free, we used to walk through life like a breeze, i don’t know why, but life has been dragging

Dream (Bird Without Wings)

as the light slowly faded and the dark night engulfed the land, i sit here, hand in chin, wondering, confused, deep in thought about what it was and what might be; as the trees swayed to the gentle lullaby of the night, sleep was the last thing on my mind, restless mind and sombre thoughts

You and Me

Happy Valentine’s Day! This poem is written for her. Just you and me, hand in hand overlooking the gentle waves, with the bright moon and stars in full display, we stand hand in hand; as the night crawls on, i remember the day when you swept me off my feet, into the canyons of love

Ode to My Grandmother

it feels like yesterday when i remember the moment you taught me how to walk, how to talk and how to sing; a heart so golden and a soul so kind, finding someone like you is like searching for a needle in a haystack; love knows no boundaries and your love to me is priceless,


my hands, empty as they are, miss no particular part of you; your voice is a ripple that drops into the lake, skews the reflection of the sky, bends blues into green, tears leaves into the atmosphere; it gold-stitches the sunlight into the clouds and shatters actuality, sitting lakes edge, look down at my feet;

Porcelain Pieces

You’re the last thought Swarming to stutter to a Stop in my shattered skull Before I fall to sleep. Find me in your hands Perfect ash sifting with Bright laughter to lift Your pale spirit. And I swear, if you leave There won’t be any honest Angels left to be given the Title of trusting

Lost Love

the heart is bruised, the events of last few days has taken its toll, broken, bruised and confused, will it heal or will it remain broken? forgotten and left behind, tears stream down my face, as i come to terms with how far you have gone. pretending i am ok, i carry on during the