Poems about Love

A collection of beautiful romantic love poems exploring the beauty of romantic love, marriage, lasting commitment and lost love. Read poems on love, falling in love and about love.

You and Me Happy Valentine’s Day! This poem is written for her. Just you and me, hand in hand overlooking the gentle waves, with the bright moon and stars in full display, we stand hand in hand; as the night crawls on, i remember the day when you swept me off my feet,
Posted on Wednesday February, 12th    (1) Comment    
Ode to My Grandmother it feels like yesterday when i remember the moment you taught me how to walk, how to talk and how to sing; a heart so golden and a soul so kind, finding someone like you is like searching for a needle in a haystack; love knows no boundaries and your
Posted on Tuesday September, 17th    (2) Comments    
Pattern my hands, empty as they are, miss no particular part of you; your voice is a ripple that drops into the lake, skews the reflection of the sky, bends blues into green, tears leaves into the atmosphere; it gold-stitches the sunlight into the clouds and shatters actuality, sitting lakes edge,
Posted on Wednesday October, 31st    (3) Comments    
Porcelain Pieces You’re the last thought Swarming to stutter to a Stop in my shattered skull Before I fall to sleep. Find me in your hands Perfect ash sifting with Bright laughter to lift Your pale spirit. And I swear, if you leave There won’t be any honest Angels left to be
Posted on Wednesday October, 10th    (1) Comment    
Lost Love the heart is bruised, the events of last few days has taken its toll, broken, bruised and confused, will it heal or will it remain broken? forgotten and left behind, tears stream down my face, as i come to terms with how far you have gone. pretending i am ok,
Posted on Wednesday August, 29th    (3) Comments    
Hand in Hand There is nothing left to do, everything that was once mine, is someone else’s and my heart is now empty, just an empty cavity; there’s nowhere left to hide, there she stood, watching and smiling, ready to pounce on me; as i walked away from her, slowly at first, she
Posted on Tuesday June, 12th    (5) Comments    
You, Me and Us walking up and down the corridor, waiting for you, i begin to realize how much i love you! together in happiness and sorrow, through the rain and the sun, holding hands together, we walked the earth; my heart starts pounding everytime you come near, and as i look into those
Posted on Wednesday May, 2nd    (2) Comments    
Love or Infatuation? i was told it was love, a madness i was not willing to be drawn into, but the symptons said something else, i was told it was only love; my legs felt wobbly when she came near, i used to gaze at the ceiling, thinking all day of the times
Posted on Friday April, 20th    (7) Comments    
Without You, I’m Nothing woke up every morning, my lips on your cheek, a sleepy smile and the chase began; as i ran towards the invisible goal, it seemed so far away, yet i ran for years and years, expecting it to be near, but getting fooled again and again; i should have stopped,
Posted on Tuesday February, 7th    (21) Comments    
Love or Lust? it was love at first sight, the moment i met you, sparks flew and brought us, closer and together; barely a minute goes by, without me thinking, is this too good, to be true; i pinch myself from time to time, just to make sure i am not dreaming, and
Posted on Thursday December, 1st    (19) Comments    
Together just you and me, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes, it’s been a while, it’s been a long time; lost in this madness of life, closer but farther away, from each other, i don’t know what to do; alone and lost, this dream is all that keeps me
Posted on Tuesday November, 1st    (15) Comments    
Love at First Sight i had my mind made up, i was sure of what i wanted to say, and i was very sure of how it was to end; this time it was different, i came, i saw and i fell, in one big moment, hook, line and sinker; I never believed in
Posted on Sunday October, 9th    (10) Comments    
Prisoner of Love just another random thought, sitting in the silence of my disturbed thoughts, i refused to think about it; i closed my eyes, tried to shut it tight, carried everywhere by the wind, it seemed so real and so true; gazing deeply into the pool of water, i see my face
Posted on Monday March, 28th    (13) Comments    
Hold me and Kiss me stepping outside in the middle of the night i started to take a walk away from my den a bitter disagreement a strange argument uneasy silence i am what i am what you said may not change me but it has affected me an uneventful night now turned into a
Posted on Tuesday January, 4th    (2) Comments    
Love is a Strange Thing sitting at home, everything is fine, as the days pass by one by one, some long, some slow; I talk to myself quiet and low, elegies of my heart and soul… a shiver, a sigh, soft words whispered in the dark, my senses are mixed already, unable to differentiate between
Posted on Monday August, 9th    (3) Comments    
Star Gazing it all started with a dream, just a tiny little seed, planted within the realm of the subconscious where my (our) heart lies; a desire to have a good life, to love and be loved, together with the one who completes this circle of existence; standing hand in hand under the twilight sky
Posted on Sunday July, 18th    (7) Comments    
On Top of the World darkness spreads and the city lights flickered on one by one, on a cloudy cool night, perched all the way above, the view was magnificent; lonely raindrops falling from the clouds hanging overhead, the insects swarming around the light, next to me, she sits holding my soul captive, her eyes
Posted on Tuesday June, 29th    (5) Comments    
Close to my Heart disconnected from the world tonight with my mind blank and seemingly shut tight this emptiness that i feel all around me, seems all the more familiar; choking me from the inside, my heart bundled up in my throat, i could not say a word, speechless, is all that i have
Posted on Friday June, 11th    (16) Comments