Am Dying to Express

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It seems like i’ve been sleeping
For a thousand years
without a thought
without a purpose
without a voice
without a soul
until you walked into my life.
All this time
All these years
I can’t believe, I couldn’t see
I can’t believe, I was in the dark
With you so near me.
Now that I know what I’m without-
don’t let me die here
don’t leave me
breathe yourself into me
make me feel real
bring me to life!
I’m always thinking of you
thinking of expressing myself
but my words
just blow away
just blow away, when I look at you
It always ends up to one thing
I just can’t think of
the right words to say.
How can you know me so much
And I know you
If nothing is true?
I know you understand me
But why do you feel the need to tease me?
Why don’t you just tell me
It might be easier to please me
Anywhere I go
anywhere I look
I cannot find a better person than you
should I tell you
how awful it feels
giving off our time alone
don’t you feel the pain
When your eyes lock with mine?

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