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Nights like these


Nights like these are perfect for cuddling up with a loved one and watching movies. But when you’re single, nights like these also mean that you have to spend the night by yourself.

Being single on a Saturday night is no fun at all. You’re home, watching Netflix, and you get to do it all by yourself. It’s time to bring back the old tradition of cuddling up with someone on the couch.

Nights like these

Nights like these are the worst,
When you’re away my heart still yearns for you;

It’s hard to not get frustrated when you’re trying your best and still feel like you aren’t getting anywhere,
While I think back on how things used to be before,
the thoughts that keep me up at night;

Tears come streaming down like rivers and it just feels great to know that someone cares enough to make me feel alive again,
but all it took was just one thought.
the ones that give me that sinking feeling;

Whenever I think about how you always have a smile on your face, it makes me really happy,
in the midst of my overwhelming emotions and my surroundings,
I often miss you by my side on nights like these;

I love when you smile that radiant smile right into my eyes while I tell you about my day,
I recall how things were back in the day,
You and I on nights like these,
Love the way you move your hips
Just for me, I’m the only one you want it with;

Knees are shaking and they won’t stop shaking,
And I know that I just need one thing to keep me steady,
I need you tonight,
I want to kiss you underneath the stars up in the sky,
I want to take you to places that you ain’t never been before,
Don’t you love nights like these?

Loneliness is something that most people experience at some point in their lives. It is not a sign of weakness or low self-esteem, but instead it’s an inherent part of being human. We all need some time to ourselves to recharge and reflect on our lives. But loneliness can also lead to depression and other mental health disorders if left untreated.

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