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Its Time

as the night slowly gave away
to a brand new morning
my eyes opened to a
brand new beginning;
trying to be what i am not
I let you take over me
creeping and crawling
you drove to me to the edge of madness;
as I see the reflection in the water
I look deep into the eyes
that longingly stare from within me
hoping I would wake up from this slumber;
always putting you in-front of me,
I drew a false smile on my face
allowing you to do all that you wanted
and never I stopped you;
now, when its time to wake up
I find myself bound tight
by your love and affection
that I thought was true;
not wanting to be like this forever,
I cut the shackles that bound me
and broke free to live life,
as its time to set things straight;

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1 comment

Raji Krishnan October 1, 2008 - 4:32 am

superb good one praveen.. loved the words!!


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