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My Heart’s Desire


My love for you is like wildfire, burning deep within my soul. It’s a desire that never fades, a longing that never grows old. From the moment I met you, I knew that you were the missing piece of my heart that I’d been searching for all along. And now, after all these years, my love for you still burns as bright as ever.

My Heart's Desire

Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat,
My body yearns for your touch, so soft and sweet,
I ache for your presence, your warmth by my side,
In your arms is where I feel most alive.

Your beauty still takes my breath away,
The way you move, the words you say,
The curve of your smile, the sound of your laugh,
All of it is what I’ve been longing for, on this path.

I remember the first time we made love,
The way our bodies fit together like a glove,
It was pure ecstasy, a feeling of pure bliss,
And I knew in that moment that you were the one I’d miss.

Years have passed since that fateful night,
But my desire for you burns just as bright,
Every time we touch, every time we kiss,
It’s like the world around us fades, it’s just us, in eternal bliss.

My love for you is an unbreakable bond,
A connection that grows with every passing dawn,
You are the one that my heart desires,
A love so deep, it burns like a thousand fires.

So here I am, still in love with you,
A passion that’s pure, a love that’s true,
I’ll cherish you forever, my heart’s desire,
And with you by my side, I’ll never tire.

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