In The Arms Of A Stranger

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When I was tiny – I was dark and stout
My fairy godmother – Just never came about
I knew I was ugly – My smile made it worse
I cried every night – I knew I was cursed

Then one day a star shot out of sight
Was it an angel – it wasn’t very bright

Months had past – I had no clue
So I sat with candles burning tissue
It wasn’t witchcraft – It was only my mind
I wrote in it a letter
A letter hoping I would be fine
Fairer skin-finer lines
Hoping to be lovely I wanted this right.

Years past my color changed
Lighter than the moon and darker was my mane

I now wondered what would I do
So I wrote another letter
And I asked for you.

Lighter eyes darker hair
Shiny lips that beautiful stare
When you would touch me my foot would pop

It was then I met you – we were walking away
The sea breeze was whistling- Shuffling my hair
Like a star you touched me around my waist
And in all suddenness my foot went in haste
And out of my heel popped out my foot
Stumbling away I fell into your looks
And again you touched me
That stare was so bright

Ill hold you my angel with all my might
I now make you my heart – The day you stop
That day I will fall apart

From an ugly duckling into a swan
My fairy godmother trumpeting her horn
Screaming loudly this is who I am
Telling everyone it was all her plan

Hoping and wondering
What her next plan would be
She left you here alone
Alone here with me

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