I Am Waiting

One, two, three, four, five,
ten, twenty, thirty, forty…
time ticks on slowly,
minute by minute;

as i pace up and down the corridor,
i cannot help wonder how long?
how much longer should i be waiting?Waiting for You

as i wait, the stars have come out,
and the moon shines bright,
and the cold wind brushes against my chin;

When you came into my life,
it was a dream come true,
two identical minds, joined together by fate
for eternity;

sitting here with a memory,
of you and me, of  the happy times and the sad ones,
the ups and downs, of passionate embraces and
tender kisses, loving words and romantic nights;

waiting, to hold you in my embrace once again,
the memories etched deep into my consciousness,
it’s been so long now,
so long that you have been gone;

gazing out of the window,
i am still trapped in this mortal body,
i wish i had wings and can fly,
to be in your arms;

as time keeps ticking forward,
wishing you were here and near,
but here i am waiting,
don’t know for how long;

silently holding my breath,
passing time with thoughts,
of us together,
here i am patiently waiting to join you in heaven;

image credit: blessedbuilder.blogspot.in

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