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Cold Within


Life is full of mystery. One day it’s all good and then immediately it can come tumbling down.

Cold Within

Cold Within

It’s a silent night,
just the moon shining brightly,
no wind and no hustling,
everything is broken around me;

The rise to the top is a long and lonely road,
the higher you climb the longer the fall,
as the cold within starts to take over,
the light starts fading slowly but steadily;

Life goes on, as usual, waiting for none,
not sure if I belong here,
empty and void,
crawling my time through life;

As I empty my mind,
and fill it with new things,
this has got to stop,
this has got to end;

as the feathers start to fall from my wings,
my dreams become bigger and bigger,
aspiring to soar into the future,
I worry about the past;

I tried to erase it,
all these useless memories of the forgotten past,
weigh me down and pull me under,
into the cold within of life;

All I have is all I need,
as I slowly pull myself together,
The noise of the silence rings in my ears,
waking me up from the hypnosis of life;

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1 comment

Anjali October 26, 2020 - 1:28 pm

Wow! There is so much of depth! ❤️


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