Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea
image credit: http://relhom.deviantart.com/art/Lost-at-Sea-161101368

as the sun sets down on the horizon,
i sit back up, trying to get a glimpse,
of the journey ahead, in this vast, lifeless world!

I am like a sailor, lost at sea,
riding wave after wave of what the sea could throw at me,
struggling to remain sane yet fighting hard to stay in this battle and,
keeping a sharp lookout for land;

thrown into this cold, barren watery world,
by forces unknown, it has been one hell of a journey,
i wandered through the currents,
hoping to catch one that would take me home!

life, it seems, has a way of sneaking up when you least expect,
throwing a spanner in the best laid plans,
life, it seems, has a way of repeating itself,
kind of resurrecting the mistakes of the past;

as i sail on, into the sunset,
yearning for a better tomorrow,
lost in this sea of life,
i fight to stay awake, i fight for another day!

Before I am dead!

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