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Tonight - Erotic Poem

It’s a hot night,
reminiscent of the summery nights,
the air conditioning trying it’s best
to cool me down;

Through the windows,
the moonlight is making me sweat,
as I slowly discard my clothes,
one by one until I am lying naked on my bed;

Right there beside me,
sweet lady of my dreams,
making me want you so much,
making my heart scream out for your love;

Tonight and every night i need your love,
I want to hold you and kiss your lips,
let our bodies entwine,
we join as one, moving in slow rhythmic motions;

moaning with hot lust,
in each others sweet ecstasy,
to the night of lust,
up and down as i rode you real hard,
dancing in orgasmic flashes of forbidden love;

Forever responsive to your command,
right here beside you – oh hold me real tight,
each morning, each evening and all through the night,
tonight and every night I need your fire;

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