Ecstasy of Living

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i remember the daysEcstasy of Living
when my mind used to be
overrun with emotions and thoughts
of all things good and the worst;

as time went by,
with each new day,
and with a brand new life to look forward to,
my mind emptied itself in a flash, just like that;

with a cup of coffee in hand,
i sit back and think about the yesteryears,
smiling at the change that has taken over me
and the life that i have been blessed with now;

strolling down the memory lane,
unafraid of the future,
blinded by the ecstasy of living
eventually, with eyes wide open,
i’ve come to understand, that
some things, including life, change for the better;


Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. – Booker T. Washington

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. – Albert Camus

The fear of life is the favorite disease of the 20th century. – William Lyon Phelps

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16 comments On Ecstasy of Living

  • Dz is the Best poem i ever read

  • Nice work Praveen loved it…

  • What a drag this cannot be,
    Why does all the bad shit happen to me.
    What did i do to make life treat me unkind,
    Surely there must be some peace i could find.

    Life’s such a bitch it keeps knocking me down,
    Laughing and taunting in the hope i may drown.
    In my own world of sorrow all tattered and torn,
    Battered and bruised left hung up and drawn.

    But it made a mistake by not judging me right,
    For i’ll never give up i will stand up and fight.
    Onward i march feeling stronger and stronger,
    And the distance between us grows longer and longer.
    For at last i am seeing things clearer and clearer,
    And the life that i long for comes nearer and nearer.
    Upon the horizon it’s now coming in sight,
    The life that i long for within a new light.

  • Goodness Is God

    In times of hardship I miss comfort,
    Vice-versa, my happiness misses sorrow
    Such is the definition of life I see,
    Inevitable ups and downs yet perfect
    As to balance the rising opposite

    Some say almighty beings steer
    And others say Cause and Effect or Fate
    Confusions, multi-beliefs, choices,etc.
    But I go with the latter for a reason
    Cause and Effect, I can explain it!
    I study, I pass! as simplest as that I can’t see
    My pass certificate being processed beforehand

    It’s confidence and fate I believe in life
    Be good,get good is what I see
    Goodness outshines darkness in such ones
    But greater goodness creates Gods
    Gods live without Cause and Effect
    Beings of eternity they are!

    So what it takes to find the God is ‘Goodness’
    ‘Goodness is God’ for me

  • beauty is purple gorgeous is green this is the best poem i’ve never seen

  • Hello Praveen….I liked this poem a lot because,as we know the world is changing like anything…As well emotions too…But the good hearted people never change themselves…If it hppens also thats because of the change in the social environment…Thats it..But only within some days they ll turn back…Thats true…All the best for your carrier…

  • I like this poem because it belongs to the more rare ones. Most poems are sad, as if only sad things inspire poetical souls to write. With this poem you prove the opposite – joy of life can be inspirational, too.

  • It touched me…lived it dreamed it and now I believe it

  • hey keep righting this stuff its great 🙂

  • Hey man. Great poem. Moved me because i understand how important change is.

  • it is important for life.

  • the gr8 poem i read..same thing happened in my life..

  • i thought that one was good and i really liked the way that you told the story in the poem you did a great job at writing this one

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