Hold me and Kiss me

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stepping outside
in the middle of the night
i started to take a walk
away from my den

a bitter disagreement
a strange argument
uneasy silence

i am what i am
what you said
may not change me
but it has affected me

an uneventful night
now turned into a cold war
a silence broken by your appeals
a countless stream of sorry
countless stream of apologizes
to pacify me
to comfort me

like a raging river bursting out of the dams
my fears and my tears
flooded my heart

a superficial existence for the world
is not what i am
peering down inside my eyes
you bring me back to face the realities
that i neatly shoved away
shoved away to the dark recesses of my heart

walking in the middle of the street
with tears trickling down my face
hold me to comfort my soul
kiss me to wipe away the tears (pain)

note: this can be interpreted in 3 ways. ofcourse there could be more meanings 🙂

1. when you think that you want someone to hold you and comfort you without any explanations or any words 🙂
2. there are those times when you realize what you said is wrong and you badly want to apologize to the other person, but cannot do much. so you start to curse yourself and feel down!
3. its the opposite of 2, but from the other person’s point of view 🙂


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