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Thank You


in the corridor
outside the still hospital room
pacing up and down a thousand times
the mind thinks of a billion and one things
sane and insane

it was a normal day
just like any other day
coming home from a routine work
i find you sitting all alone in the footsteps

in between tears
you say you had enough
you say you want out
you want to go away

a normal day just shattered in one moment
shocked and speechless
i walk past you
into the flat

gathering myself
i walk into the kitchen
gulp down a bottle of water
slowly walk out towards you

I stand there for a minute staring straight at you
the kitchen knife in one hand
the other hand firmly holding you
i stand there staring at the ground

In one single moment our whole life can turn around

now standing outside in the hospital corridor
i snap back to reality
the sound of a baby wailing
brings me back from the distant dream
that once plagued me

with tears in my eyes
i slowly turn around
walk away as fast as i can
away from the hospital
away from you
away you the kid
away from your new found life

the memory of us
now reside in the hands of your husband
a simple handwritten note
hastily scribbled
“thank you for the best day of my life”

no notes…. simple poem. single meaning….

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