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Into the Darkness


Into the Darkness

I sit around and try to pass my time,
try not to think of the future,
try not to think of the past,
I sit around and try to take stock of my present;

All in my head are thoughts of everything,
in my head, so many questions,
in my head, so little answers,
i was drifting in and out of sanity;

One minute everything is gone and there is nothing left,
one minute everything is all hunky dory and plenty to look forward to,
I am on a road that’s gonna take me far,
but I don’t know how long should i have to walk;

All i have is a bag of dreams,
a bag of dreams that i want to bring to life so badly,
i wish the dreams come true,
i wish it was not so difficult;

If only i could, if only i could,
i could just let go,
if i could let go of the weight of the world,
the universe has put on my shoulders;

As i stood standing in the cold twilight,
i walked into a lonely road,
with darkness creeping all over me,
my dreams are shrouded in heavy mist and unclear thoughts;


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Erica Maples May 5, 2017 - 11:22 pm

I love this poem it’s so well written good job

Apurwa Singh June 25, 2017 - 7:36 pm

Very well written 🙂


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