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River of Life

River of Life image by AnnMarieBone

Here we are, in a predicament like never before,
my life has a mind on it own,
twisting and turning,
unable to follow one path!

i have tried to steer it towards a path,
that i thought was full of hope and victory,
but it was all a mirage,
dark clouds hiding behind a silver lining;

life has a way and it has a mind of its own,
the twists and bends of the river of life,
seems to bring in darker clouds,
one more portent than the other;

i rise up, every time,
ignoring the frustrations of yesterday,
moving through the mist of today not knowing where it leads,
not knowing what lies beyond the next bend (future);

always hoping and coping with what life throws at me,
looking forward with hope, to the next day
a better tomorrow, no more dark clouds, is all I pray,
my boat may crack, my boat may leak,
as long as I can stand on my own two feet,
i can resume my journey,
towards the light at the end of the path;

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Damola August 15, 2018 - 7:58 am

Hi, do you have any tips or advice for creating a new poetry blog? I’m thinking of starting my own.


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