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time never stops and it never slows,
the earth rotates non-stop waiting for none,
today becomes yesterday, tomorrow becomes today,
all in a matter of few hours;

looking around, everyone is running around,
chasing something or running after something,
something that is not seen and something
that has no limit;

as the seconds tick,
i wait at the border of change,
nervously as i step inside this new realm,
what lies once i cross over, i don’t know;

a voice inside me asks me to stay put,
“comfort lies on this side” it says,
while the new horizon pulls me in and,
whispers “time is now”;

everything changes with time,
but time does not change for anyone,
it keeps on rolling, forever and ever,
until we either keep up or fall by the wayside;

as the seasons change every year,
i have to change to accept new things in life,
for change heralds a new beginning,
as change is the only thing that does not change;

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MP UPPAL December 14, 2018 - 12:14 pm

Love the last stanza!


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