Backyard Of A Mind

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Knowing that your door was always wide open in the prime,
And still open to rest a sleepy  head at this end of time.
Though not tied to wows promises and words of chain,
And  forgotten bonds with not even your name,
With ink stains all dried up with the passage of time,
Keeps running at the distance in the backyard of a mind.

Its not what someone said or what the world thought,
Still decades and distance between oceans seems nought,
Words of honesty planted in a memory lane is what binds,
Like natures light keeps aglow at the backyard of a mind.

Tears of joy stain the face,  life is too short as it runs by,
An ever smiling eyes and a helping hand to a silent cry,
Days of childhood full of fun and laughter that was kept,
Down memory lane where with innocence was wept,
A voice so sweet, silvery with the strength of true divine,
Runs through gently on the backyard of a withering mind.

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Ecstasy of Living

Ecstasy of Living

Dancing with destiny


2 comments On Backyard Of A Mind

  • Hello. I’m writing songs
    I have a very nice melody. but unfortunately I have no ability to write poetry. I’m looking for beautiful poetry. Can you help me? thanks

  • Thankyou For Being the Best!

    Thank you to the most wonderful friends….as dark shadows
    may soon approach, , , you will be the best ever more…
    The best of friends do dwell deeply in one’s heart
    Ships, airplanes and trains can never keep the feelings apart
    Emotions shared across the vast skies unconditionally
    Souls gently connect forever in hearts with fragrance tenderly,
    In that moment in time, the effect blossoms so undoubtedly.
    Unspoken sweetness, words fail to express its divinity.
    Memories special, designed with variable joys and sorrows
    To awaken the hopes of a beautiful melodious, the tomorrows
    So sacred the mysterious glow of every breathtaking sunrise
    Unravels the deepest thought, cherishes the bond, the ties..
    Paving the road that leads to a soothing peace and serenity
    With good grace embracing the gifted days till eternity!

    Dedicated to special friends

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