Pushing me away

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walking home on a sunday evening
thinking about life
thinking about myself
i get stuck in a sudden downpour

without nowhere to hide
nowhere to run
i walk along
unmindful of the pouring rain

seeing an empty bus stand
i walk my way towards it
to escape the rain
walking my way towards it
i suddenly slip and fall down

gathering myself once again
i look up to see the
once empty stand
now brimming with life

with my journey just started
i move on to the next shade
the moment i step in
i am pushed back into the rain

clueless, wondering why
i try to get an answer
but to no avail
stepping back into the rain

i move on once again
slowly making my way
i suddenly find myself
dragged into another shade

assuming my search is over
i slowly settle myself in
only to be ensnared
and thrown back into the rain

blaming myself for everything
i continue to walk in this (neverending) rain
life it seems, is hell bent on
pushing me away to fight
a battle i have grown weary of!

note: multiple meanings exist.
title inspired by Linkin Park song – Pushing me away!

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3 comments On Pushing me away

  • 🙂 good one!! but sadly, i see no hope in this!! why this sudden change in your writing?? buck up and give a fight…

  • hey, there is no sudden change and all.
    its been a while since i wrote a “dark” poem, hence this one 🙂

    just a temporary one 😀

    u bet i am going to put a big fight 😉

    Thank you 🙂

  • ….I’m truly am speechless

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