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How my life changed in one boring day!



seated in the  conference room
stuck in a meeting
my mind thinking about nothing
i was busy explaining

a missed call at first
another call from home
disconnecting the line
i continue with work

next 30 minutes
i was bombarded with phone-calls
sms messages asking me to come home
softly at first, sternly later

completely flabbergasted
and clueless about the barrage of calls
i picked my office telephone
with tiredness all over my voice

a simple little hello
was responded with excitement
and with tears
asking me to reach home asap

deligating all work
cancelling all meeetings
i rushed home
to a nervous and excited missus

a sheet of paper
thrust in my hand
followed by more sobs
and silence!

as i scanned the paper
a wave of silence took over
shocked, speechless
words escaped me

looking at her
my reactions numbed by the news
taking her by the hand
floating high in the air
showering her with kisses aplenty
i was running between heaven and wonderland

tears of joy
hugging her
congratulating her
i stood there
forgetting myself
my mind wandered off
38 weeks forward!

tearing down the 365 days calendar
i replaced it with a new calendar
of 280 days
280+ dreams

each day
flew like a car race
a blink of the eye
the day is over

advices plenty
care and affection at every second
life has become more interesting
with each passing day

note: this is an imaginary poem – how a guy would feel when he learns he is gonna become a dad and then the next couple of days/weeks…  😉

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Raji Krishnan July 28, 2008 - 1:19 am

touching!! nice pic too!! 🙂

Praveen July 28, 2008 - 1:51 am

thank you 😉


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