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Going back to School

stepping out from the shade
on a rainy saturday evening
watched by a lonely, hungry dog
i walk slowly in the rain

a million rain drops
fall on me
slowly drenching me from head to foot
washing away the dirt
washing away the stains
that “stuck” to me in the shade

i let my eyes wander
slowly from left to right
scanning the horizon
scanning the sea of faces
desperately trying to avoid the rain

with each step i take
the sea of faces just grows bigger and bigger
the heavy downpour
brings the world to a standstill

everyone scattering here and there
trying to hold on to what they got
trying to escape the waters from heaven
scampering to any “shelter”

a million people
tucked away at every shade available
hiding from the rain
a million faces
constantly scanning the dark clouds
in search of a break

walking slowly
in the rain
i pause at each and every shade
praying the rain doesnt stop
hoping the sea (of faces) does not disappear

a million faces
with a billion looks
staring at me
wondering at the maniac standing before them

standing before each shade
i pause,
carefully jotting down the points
carefully making a note

with each lesson completed
i put the pencil and the book
into the bag
and move on to the next shade
to learn a new lesson

with a million faces
and a billion different looks
to study
i hurry past each shade
making notes as fast as i can
praying the rain does not stop

with a lesson at every shade
i am going back to the school
once again
i am going back to the school
to learn

i am going back to the school
to learn
not a new degree
not a new qualification
i am going back to the school
to learn

to learn more
about people!

notes: multiple meanings. depends on the way your read it.
depening on your outlook, shade/rain/school can mean multiple things depending on how you read it.

in my opinion, trying to understand ppl is the most difficult to achieve in life. you can probably “learn” all the degrees/get all the “qualifications” but can never understand people. When you think, you understood them, things change and what you understood becomes void. Then either you have to start from scratch or get stuck in a rut.
Most of the people, do not make the attempt to “relearn” once again for either fear or couldnt be bothered due to their ego.


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