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Inside the smile of a woman!


life was on a roll
been a long time
since clouds of chaos appeared on the horizon

end of the day
we put our feet up
sit back, relax
marvel at how things have changed

gone are the dark days
gone are sorrows that plagued our lives
gone are the arguments that once took up all our time
life was great

everyday, it was the same
everyday, i pick you up from your work
spend 10 mins in the church
spend 10 mins in the temple

it was the same
day after day
for the last 5 years

until one day,
at the exact time, just like everyday
i wait to pick you up from your work

5 mins
i wait
10 mins
maybe work was hectic
30 mins
maybe a meeting
45 mins
my patience now gives way to anxiety
without wasting more time
i walk/run into your office
short of breath
anxiety/fear written all over my face
i stumble into the reception
only to find you left work long time ago

anxiety now replaced by worry
5 years we shared everything
from a needle to an airplane
everything under the sun

i run to the nearest police station
give in all the details
hoping they have an answer
hoping and praying nothing happened to you

more than 12 hours has passed
no word
with the night at its darkest
i rush back home
hoping its just a game of hide and seek

the lights are out
the blinds are shut tight
just as we left them in the morning

leaving the door open
i wait near the phone
expecting you would call

with no one to call
with no one to worry for us
we lived in this high rise city
all alone
just you and me
orphaned at birth
fate brought us together
you and me 5 years ago

with the new day dawning
i sit here, all alone
hoping its just a game you are playing
praying you would call and ask me to pick you up

with time slowly ticking away
a phone call i did not want to hear
brought me back to senses
gathering courage
praying it shouldnt be
i accompany the law
to the hospital
where you now lay
wrapped in a white cloth
from top to bottom

life was on a roll
now stopped abruptly in its path
the flow of happiness
now cut short without a reason
life just stood still
life just stopped abruptly

slowly, gathering courage
i lift the cloth off your face
the smile that “adorned” your face
24 hours ago
is all that i see
before i am pulled back

the smile that brought us a wealth of happiness
the smile that i always saw in your face
how i wish, i peered insde the smile
if only you had confided to me
if only i had asked you
if only…..

the smile that brought us together
5 years ago
now brings us together once again

no notes – no explanations.
sometimes less said the better.
multiple meanings – but has one core meaning 🙂

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rajee krishnan July 8, 2008 - 1:03 am

very impressive!! one of the best i’ve ever read!!

Shampita September 14, 2009 - 5:35 pm


angiee March 27, 2010 - 6:25 am

…u knw…while reading it…i waz sooo….in a depth….in an imaginary world…that..ma mom waz coling me…but…..i waz on wid thiz POEM…!!!

got a scream….aftrwardz…fm mamma…!!
but really..a good poem..!!


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