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Scaling the Mountain of Life


Universe is never quiet. The universe is always speaking to us. However in the last few years/decades/centuries, we have lost the ability to understand what it has been telling us. At the same time, we are constantly in search of something that no one knows what and no one understands why! Everyone is stuck in a rat race and we all have a mountain to scale of our own.

And this mountain simply grows bigger and bigger until we lose track of everything and everyone around us. Eventually we become zombies walking around without a purpose and without a reason.

This poem is my experience of being in the foothills of Himalayas where I learnt (and still learning) how to escape from the zombie apocalypse (of life).


Quiet and still all around,
with 1001 questions inside my head,
I stepped outside the world of shadows,
hoping to live a life beyond fear;

How can i explain?
I am always running for the thrill,
On and on, i trudge on,
Living one minute and dead in the next;

As I struggled to bloom,
I climbed above the comfort,
into the cold, rugged Himalayan terrain,
to claim my forgotten gold (from within);

As the rain lashes on outside,
the dirt and debris inside are cleansed,
slowly and steadily as I bury the past (old),
divinity shines it’s light on me;

as I refresh myself in the Himalayan lake of ancient wisdom,
slowly and steadily, peace comes home,
and the cracks & crevices that made up my life,
slowly heal themselves into peace & awakening;

As the ghosts of the past,
erase into oblivion,
a warmth surges through my body,
and I know,
I’ll stand stronger,
on top of the mountain (of life);

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