Broken Strings

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I sit on the porch
Waiting to see your face
Counting the minutes
And watching the
strangers pass by
For a minute
I think I saw you
But no, it was not you.
All fully clad up and neat
My sari neatly folded
Into pleats
with strands of flower
that adorn my dark hair
with kohl-lined eyes
that’s all for you
I sit there all alone
Waiting for you.
I see you
in the distance
My heart jumps with joy
As you draw near
There is no smile
And that gives me a fear
You reach me
and look at my dress
and your words
Hit me like thunder
“Whom are you trying to impress?”
I sit all alone
Once again
My emotions are all
running in circles
thinking what should I do
your words always
causing me pain and regret
which I am not able to forget
I wish I could just
push these feelings off
out of my way
I’ve tried and tried to do this
But the more and more I try
I just realize
how hard it is.
Those never-ending promises
Ring in my ear
All carried away forever
As if by thin air
With bitter accusations
deluded perceptions
YOU crushed it all
And it’s all gone forever!
I leave you alone
To make you realize
what’s your fame
Yet you sit there
In my mind and spirit
Making me cry
when I hear your name!
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