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That Much is True!



words spoken none,
tears have all dried up,
the time has come
for us to part

we’re all on a journey
to find the meaning,
to find our place
in this ocean of life!

standing on the edge
i wish i could turn back the clocks
to take us back in time
to the good old days

we have always been together
from the good days
to the bad times
never leaving alone for a minute;

looking back to the days
when nothing else mattered
i can’t believe life goes so fast
only pictures remind us of the past

with the waves of life
pushing me forward and away from you
this is my feeble attempt to
thank you for all that you have done;
say sorry for all the wrongs i have done;
because in my life, through all the ups and downs,
you are my sister and that much is true!

To my 2 sisters (who will not be reading this) and to all others who are like my sister.

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