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Solitude of Man


This plentiful right, pieces of earth.
A vast depiction in a corner rainbow.

To me the vast covering set to release
Astonishment, happiness, under the sea
arriving vindicated certainties in promise.

Just all are the many sitting here
Now there’s few standing toward the angelic still as
I am blinded an adequate fill, spiritless in movement
hiding the blue sky’s.

Noise is here, here finding now time as I went.
Is a silence, or death to yes the dead inanimate?
It was unfair your trunk off many spots blinding
from a certainty of now
the most beautiful takeoff knowing then was the least in exposure.

Forgetfulness lose being drawn differing timelessness
as an empty stolen similarity.
The same this has not affected salvation to my waters.
You are not unjust to the many large grains to rice…
the right being to stay,
the dish,
the awoke had left out the mouth of a constructed mouse.

I was before the deep, free of that filled water
Retracting your foot from the blunt ash sky
which is much dirt, hard weed without blossom flowers

I assure alone against out the first hour
I stand with yes solitude and yes discomfort,
I took your first stare of the light water and opened my eyes
Again to be shut again with always dead company in regression.

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