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watching the rain drops from the window
in the backdrop of the slow moving traffic that seems to have come to a grinding halt
my life has become a constant battle
between the mind and the heart;

the problem is all inside your head
so we are told by the coaches
what we think is what we become
who you are in the mind is who you are in life;

a constant battle between
what is right and what may be right
what is wrong and what may be wrong
a myriad of options for every situation;

who cares what happens,
when the rat race keeps us all running
everywhere but nowhere until
life pulls the plug on the race;

marching towards the light at the end of this dark tunnel (life)
deciding whether to fight or to give up
is a choice that i don’t know if i have
but i never want to say goodbye;

i slowly drift into this nothingness
as the road takes me to the horizon
waiting for the dawn to kiss goodbye
with its rays of new beginning;

Inspired by 50 ways to leave your lover by Paul Simon (YouTube)

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