My Angel

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baby girl

I had a family
a loving wife
and a pretty little daughter
i called Angel

Angel and i spent our time
building toy houses
feeding the little birds in the park
fighting with the little boy next door

time flew by
my little angel grew into
fine young princess
that’s when it all started

that’s when it all started
the fear of losing my angel
the day when my princess
would leave me and go away

the day finally came
when my angel
came home with
“her” prince charming

one look at him
my heart skipped a beat
first time in our life
my little princess cried herself to sleep

my angel spread her wings and flew away
with her prince charming
standing in the doorstep
i could only bid her goodbye

days turned into weeks
weeks turned into months
with the grief too much to bear
we landed up in her doorstep

my little angel
once soared the skies majestically
now lay on the ground
without wings
battered and broken
she fought on
she fought on

my beautiful princess
now watches us carefully
flying high in the skies
looking down from the heaven above
while we take care of her “little angel”
my little angel!


note: for those who have lost their daughters to domestic violence!

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