Love is just another word!

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fell in love
when we were young
we fell in love

all day long
and all night along
everywhere we went
as one

all around us
a different game
played itself everyday
a different love
every day
and every night

just you and me
every day
every night

a  game of loyalty we were playing
a game that just stopped one day
when you left it in the middle
to play the other game

losing sleep
i decided to “leave” this garden
i lost myself

the garden that once bloomed with all things beautiful
now lay covered in weeds and shrubs
the forest that once surrounded us
has taken over the garden of eden

years later
losing track of where i was going
i stumble back into this garden
stuck in a time warp
in a dilapidated state

i step inside
start clearing it up
i fell in love
when love was just another word
i played a game
with an unworthy opponent

now years later
with time doing its trick
i step back inside this garden
to reclaim it once again

what i left years ago
i stumbled onto it by chance
now i come back
to find myself once again!


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