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I Sometimes Can Not See

Walk with me in burden

come sit and feel my grief

watch out for damaged waste

in terms of wrong, I am chief

Hold my hand in darkness

come feel the fear within my heart

watch out for haunting ghosts

In this horror movie I play the worst part

Sit next to me in sadness

Come hear the cries of my pain

Watch out for broken glass fragments

In this storm, I am the rain

Stand firm with me in catastrophe

Come hold my hand in yours

Watch out for the uncertain things

In this world, we are caught in wars

Talk to me in hope

Come see if my future holds a brighter day

Watch out for the obstacles

In this winding path, I tend to lose my way

Sing to me in heavenly praises

Come skip with me in my moment of glee

Watch out for blinding rays of sunshine

In this happiness, I sometimes can not see

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