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Land of Sunshine


land of sunshine

the day is almost over
everything I wanted to do,
everything I wanted to say,
has been said and done;

as I make my way back to the den,
before the darkness closed in,
I start to think and wonder,
why should I barricade myself again;

I reach down into my soul
and grab for the real me
hidden beneath this skeleton
of what the world has molded me into!

sitting with my old friend the darkness,
with silence all around for company,
the thoughts and feelings that
swam inside, come into view;

said to be mine,
yet I understand nothing
of the myriad of emotions,
that have a mind of its own!

as I looked at the horizon,
seeking salvation and release
from the beast that lived within,
I was at a loss what to do!

as the sweet smell of salt,
carried by the breeze, hit my senses,
I thought for a minute,
and gave in to my heart’s desire!

in the garden of life,
I forgot to enjoy the beauty,
and got stuck in a rat hole,
that slowly consumed me day after day;

as I got up to leave for the day,
the boundaries that once defined me
disappeared as my heart leads me
adrift on a dream to a land of sunshine;

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Raji Krishnan September 9, 2008 - 7:41 pm

awesome..filled with hope and the desire to live life..

lili November 10, 2008 - 8:20 am

i really loke poems here they make me feel emotions


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