Enjoy the silence

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colour road

a gun shot, a child’s cry and a little laughter
a small talk, a big argument and crazy fight
standing patiently
you watch it with amazement
silently wishing for it to stop
yet amazed how stupid everyone can be when
chaos, commotion, violence
take over their sanity

words are violence
the more you talk
the more “insane” you become
the more you try to understand
the less you make out of it

life is one big canvas
with brushes aplenty
we all wait to paint the masterpiece
with the colors we want
amidst all this confusion
we look to standout
by standing on someone else

when you think you had enough
step back from this insane world
move into this darkness
take your time
enjoy the beauty
enjoy the silence

and when the time is right
for you to step back in this psychedelic world
you have a million reasons to rejoice
for you have a life full of rainbows
at every step

according to dictionary.com, psychedelic is defined as: (of a mental state) characterized by intense and distorted perceptions and hallucinations and feelings of euphoria or sometimes despair

of or causing extreme changes in the conscious mind, as hallucinations, delusions, intensification of awareness and sensory perception, etc. – http://www.yourdictionary.com/psychedelic

note: at first glance, this is one big meaningless poem. but read it again 🙂

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