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Fade to Black


Gathering up the pieces
of whats left of me
i try to make my out
it was a hard fight
that shattered a long dream
and a deeper desire to life
one that brought an end to a life
a castle that was once standing in its full glory
now lay in ruins
like the once mighty unicorn,
i was the most admired beast
now just like my mythical counterpart
i am no more than a figment of imagination
a mighty beast that once existed
now exists in the memories of those who knew it
a thousand dreams
a thousand desires to live
now lay crushed under the forces of darkness
with nowhere to go to
and no one to lean onto
i painfully try to make my way out
i slowly try to fade into black
i slowly try to fade into the darkness
that i once tried to conquer,
i slowly try to fade away
note: I was planning to end it at a total of 9 poems. but i think the 8th and 9th would have to wait. If i dont write it, then consider this to be end of the series.
title is inspired by the song “Fade to Black” by “Metallica
all the other poems can be found in my the previous posts.

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