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In the end…


i slowly pushed myself upright
with nothing else left
and only a desperate desire to live again
i made one last attempt

a final attempt to either win or lose
a victory would guarantee me life
a loss would mean the end…
its a pity it had to come to this eventually

gathering my confidence and hope
i threw what all i could lay my hands on
at this formidable son of darkness

the once mighty gods now nowhere to be seen
abandoned by lady luck
powerless to fight this monster
i was fighting a long and hard battle
driven by my desire to live

i watch the pendulum swing
i watch it count down to the end of the day
slowly the clock ticks my life away
strengthened by the inevitable darkness of the night
my battle was soon over

i could only watch in helplessness as my body was dragged across the battlefield
a thousand cuts and bruises no match for what was to happen
i watched in horror, as my heart was snatched from the chest
and crushed under the feet of the powerful lord of darkness

i watched as my life
slowly ebbed away into oblivion
a life i so desperately wanted
now exists only in my memories

In the end,
my struggle to escape
the darkness (that i was once part)
has now ended in failure
has now ended in my death

and broken hearted,
alone in this battlefield ( of life)
i lost the battle
i lost my life

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