Under the stars!

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sitting under the stars
watching them twinkle and shine
my mind comes to a standstill
thinking about it all!

floodgates open up and
memories of the past,
the present and the future
alongside you, play out!

looking up into the darkness of the night,
a distant light shines on
my present and lights up the path
where my heart wants to go!

a battle of mind and soul,
a battle that i am losing
yet my future looks bright
with us happily together

mere words this might be,
yet written from the depth
they carry the future
of you and me together!

promises, i dont make
of the riches and wealth;
all i have and all that i can
give you is my love
for as long as i am alive
to cement our future
to make our dreams come true!


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Under the stars! written by Praveen Kumar average rating 3.6/5 - 7 user ratings
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