Summer Love

That summer was when I found my heart
hidden under a stone in an abandoned park
with rusty swings and an old yellow slide
I climbed up the steps and stood so high
so high I could almost touch the sky.
Then I went down and that’s where I found
my heart hidden under that little rock.

She came one day when I was standing high
getting ready to slide down that old yellow slide
she said “hi my name is Sky, what’s yours?”
I said my name is Kyle but you can call me Ky.

And every day we swung high on those rusty swings
we danced around and slid right down that yellow slide
that’s when she kissed me for the first time
I was a bit scared, not going to lie.

Every day we sat on that slide
held hands and looked up in the sky
pointing out figures in the clouds.

We were lying on the grass in the park one day
she had her head resting on my chest
and I had my arms wrapped tightly around her.
She grabbed my hand and looked me deep in the eyes
she said “I love you Ky!”
I kissed her and told her I loved her too.

We did this every day that summer
there wasn’t a day we missed.

Then one day as the summer was coming to an end
she didn’t show.
This happened the next day
and the next
and the next.
A week went by and I missed my dear Sky.

Then one day I was going down the old yellow slide
when under that rock I found something she had left behind.
It said;

I will love you forever my dear Ky,
but for now God has taken me to the sky.
The cancer was too strong and I was too weak
but that day I met you I was supposed to die,
you kept me strong in the last days of my life.
I found my heart when I found you,
know that I will always be with you in everything you do.
For I want to thank you Ky please don’t cry,
just look to the sky and you will find me.
Please don’t ever forget our summer.

That was the summer I found my heart.
I see her now and then
when I look up to the sky.
And then I remember our summer.

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