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I Love You

moving away from the hustle and bustle
I stepped inside
letting my eyes adjust to this dim light
I waited near the entrance ;

with the music blaring on one corner
a bunch of “drunken” idiots on other
I slowly made my way across the dance floor
to the far corner where you are waiting;

clutching a gucci handbag in one hand
an half empty glass of wine in another
I walked towards you;

still sleepy and tired
a phone call in the middle of the night
a thousands sobs
and a thousand questions later
I agreed to meet you;

so, here I am
standing before you
looking deeply into your eyes
coming closely to the face I held in my hands
I whisper into your ears
“I love you”;

time stands still for a moment
before I continue
“Thank you for good times we had.
now the party is over and the curtain has fallen on us;

A brand new journey awaits and a brand new chapter needs to be written
before this book (life) is finished.”
without a wink
I turn around
and walk towards the door
leaving a thousand tears behind;

what started with a simple “I love you”
now ends with an another “I love you”
finishing the long chapter that I was (writing) once a part of
I step outside to write a brand new chapter
to start a brand new journey into this newly discovered life
a brand new adventure starts today….
This is a continuation of the previous poem – i am back
there is only one meaning to this :).
this is a reflection of the present.
This poem was first published on April 10, 2008.
It has been re-published on Sept 02, 2020. – Not much changes done other than formatting and adding a pic.

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Gabriella May 15, 2008 - 5:28 pm

Beautiful indeed~~~~


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