Seasons of Life

Every single day when the world’s bright and green
I look for the way to find out what life means
The sun shines bright over this place
We’re all running to win the world-wide race
Who will get there first and win the prize
In the end, we’ll learn all that matters is the size
The size of your heart and the things that you do
To love one another is necessary, it’s true

The world then grows hot and so very dry
The only healing water is the tears that we cry
We wonder what happened to the paradise
What happened to all the things happy and nice
The warm sun burns with all its might
The people of the world struggle and fight
Searching for survival under the scorching sun
We must find ourselves or we will be done.

And the world grows cold and forsaken
All hope and joy are being taken
The wind blows cold through the trees
Soon there will be no more leaves
Of hope and healing, love and caring
There’s no more life to be sharing
Not that we would, so alone we are
We are as far apart as the stars

And death comes over this stark cold land
I hate you so much I won’t take you by the hand
There’s ice in my chest and snow’s on the ground
Why couldn’t we live before this death was found
We’re so frozen, trapped in our tombs
The icy cold shadow that over us looms
I have no hope that this ice will melt
Cold is all we’ve ever really felt

Then suddenly a thaw begins
We’re no longer wasting away in sins
Happiness once more, bright and green
But still we’re wondering what life means
We never know exactly what we feel
We can never know what is real
Is the dark over Are we on the mend
Or is this just a cycle that will never end

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