On Top of the World

darkness spreads and the city lights love
flickered on one by one, on a cloudy
cool night, perched all the way above,
the view was magnificent;

lonely raindrops falling from the clouds
hanging overhead, the insects swarming around the light,
next to me, she sits holding my soul captive,
her eyes contained the very key that turns me on;

under a star filled sky, tonight’s the night
as i feel the warmth of your hands,
shooting stars keep passing me by
as I watch the night sky with you by my side,
the only wish I have left is that we could be like this for an eternity;

lost in this moment with you,
the light in your eyes,
with my arms around you tight,
locked in an embrace,
my heart and my brain goes into overload;

The time is slipping through my finger tips,
as I lose myself within your embrace,
as my heart beats so hard it hurts,
it feels as if I am on top of the world when i am with you;

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