Sadness Archive


i trudge along a long and winding road, with silence for company, sullen and sunk; staring into the distance, i ponder about this zombie like existence; standing along the edge, not able to give in or give up, my mind is at war with itself, and the road seems endlessly long; as the shadows merge

The Curse

far away in the distant horizon, the sun slowly starts to set and makes way for the dark, moonless night; the wind gently gathers pace and starts to howl, awakening the demons within and outside, rousing them from their day-long slumber; as i look in the mirror, the pain surges through my veins, slowly at

18th Avenue

Pictures, pictures, f****** pictures, pictures of you at holidays, with your family, pictures of you at the shoreline, with your friends, pictures of vacations, in your car, pictures of your face; scattered like ashes everywhere around this country without me; You showed me all these pictures of you without me; so I showed you pictures,


here i am – happy and sad, lonely and confused, my life’s boring phase has just started, i am almost there yet i am not even close; as i put my face against the window, sitting and watching the dark, pregnant clouds, it feels as though the skies are shedding tears on me, as the


Looking out of the window, as the sun slowly hides beneath the horizon, the darkness creeps and crawls its way upon the land; i have been waiting for years, haunted by memories, going round and round, in this vicious circle of life; as the music fades away, i look around to spot any familiar faces,

The War Within

I am supposed to be happy, on the brink of something new, exciting and life changing, a moment of unprecedented magnitude; but here i am sulking, sad, angry and confused, it’s as if happiness and sadness are waging a pitched battle in my mind; i sat watching, numb, cold and powerless, as my spirit tried


the sound of silence grows, every minute feels like a hour, every hour feels like a day, as i sit in in the cold light of morning; its far too late, too late to pick up my heart from the floor, as it lay in pieces, right where you threw it yesterday night; little by