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You are a Star

a twinkle here
a twinkle there
sitting under the clear nightsky

i wondered
i wondered if i can float up
and gently touch them
and be next to them

one by one
slowly shining its way into the dark night skies
coming out of the darkness
and lighting up the heavenly skies
with its little twinkle

i couldnt help draw a parallel
how each one of us are stars ourselves
in this vast ocean of life

unknown and unseen
we hide behind the hazy clouds of life
constantly trying
to sparkle and shine

outshined by the powerful sun
and fading away
in the huge glare
we end up
as a mere dot on a canvas

across the huge expanse of the night sky
each star try to outshine the others
each star trying to twinkle its way to glory
a glory that lasts only for a second

find the star inside you
twinkle in the night sky
dont worry about lighting up the entire world
dont worry about twinkling your way to glory
maybe you are cannot be the powerful sun
but you are a star
a star to someone in this world!
a star with the power to
put a twinkle in
someone’s life


Note:  “powerful sun” refers to other individuals who seemingly “get” all the glory. This could be anyone from your family to the pesky office colleague who grabs the limelight while we do the actual dirty work.
This is in a way a dedication to all those people who put in hours of hard work yet go unnoticed when it comes to awards/recognitions/praise etc…
This need not be a work place situation. It also reflects your average household where your brother/sister/mom/dad/husband/wife etc… does a lot of things for you yet when it comes to acknowledging/accepting it, we all of a sudden become very busy or blind 🙂

Inspired by a night out in the terrace with the stars.
Encouraged by a good friend to write this one.


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