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Until the end…


all alone in this cold rainy morning
inside a dark smelly alley
i see an old man sleeping away his final days
wandering around in this cold rainy morning
compass swirling all over
my life was put on a  pedestal
and in one single moment
my fall from grace was swift and sudden

water, water everywhere
yet i was this lost sailor searching for a drink
i am in control of a rudderless ship
stuck in the middle of this vast windless ocean (of life)
trying to sail away to safety

like a motorist stuck on a busy highway
i am reaching out to all
to help me get on this road (life) again
on and on and on they come
and again and again and again….
all speed past like a bullet out of a gun

the battle has been lost
leaving scars aplenty
stuck in the middle
of this crazy highway (life)
alone, battered and bruised
this war rages on
inside me…….
i am fighting a war
that has no end
and no respite
a war to stay alive
until the end….
note: there are multiple meanings to this poem. how u read it defines the meaning you derive out of it. in some ways, this is inter-related with my other poems.

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