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I am back


stuck in the middle of nowhere
i was this lost sailor
attempting to repair my broken ship
yet trying to sail away at the same time
going nowhere
spending far more(time) than i should be
i was confused
happiness was a thing of the past
sadness written all over the present
future was engulfed in darkness
treasure hunter i was
with the keys to riches (happiness)
safely in my hand
i was marching towards glory
only to trip and stumble at the last hurdle
only to lose it all
like a zombie
i moved in and out of life
going everywhere
being nowhere
i was trying to find my feet once again
like magic
i woke up one day and found the keys
safely inside my pocket
gone are the times searching for it everywhere
gone are the days i spent wandering aimlessly
now, like a phoenix rising out of ashes
i was this sailor who salvaged a brand new speed boat
all ready and raring to go out into this open ocean (of life)
to reclaim what was once thought to be lost
the sun had set and plunged my life into darkness
without a light to guide, i wandered aimlessly
going nowhere, yet going everywhere
now, the sun is back
with the keys in my hand
like a giant condor
i soar high up in the skies
ready to take on the world
like a banished king with a new army
wanting to reclaim my throne
i am back to be the best
i am back to lead the rest
this is an attempt to move out of the "dark" genre of poems that i write.
most of the "dark" poems are a reflection of the past and sometimes a reflection of the mindset.
this one reflects the present and future 🙂
as with the other poems, this one has 2 meanings and is dependent on how you perceive it.

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a b October 2, 2009 - 6:33 am

i think i have perceived the right sense..

daniella April 24, 2012 - 11:47 am

you need to ckeck this out


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