Why i am a loser!

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sitting in chair

a bundle of laughter
joy and happiness
was a daily routine
in my life

busy i was always
time was always short
time was always short
when it came to all things fun

juggling books on one hand
a football on the other
a heavy bag to add to the burder
i was supposed to be living life

constantly running
doing something all the time
my only free time
was when i fell asleep

time flew so fast
before i knew it
i was at it all over again

balancing work
partying with friends
trying to live a crazy life to the fullest
running helter and skelter
chasing an unknown treasure

bored with running around in circles
day after day
i started
seeking love and affection
from a world chasing materialistic dreams

like a caged animal in a zoo
people came
and people left
leaving me trapped in this cage

until one day
all the rage within
blew up the cage
that was my life

unwilling to join the madness, once again
i sit down on the empty park bench
watching the world constantly run
like a hamster in a wheel
trying to live a life
that is not theirs
that is devoid of love and affection

watching me sitting on the park bench
the world calls me a loser

the world calls me a loser
for fleeing the rat race
that everyone is part of

for trying to live a life
that is full of love and affection


note: inspired by personal life incidents 🙂

image courtesy flickr

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5 comments On Why i am a loser!

  • The more you try to run behind love and affection, the more you’re left behind having none. Let lose, let the world say whatever they have to… for you can never shut their mouth. Live on and live ‘now’ to find the greatest treasure – today, and tomorrow is always born with atleast one percent betterment.


  • hehehehehe..
    Thank you Blindwreck 🙂

    thats why i am not running.. i am safely seated on the park bench 🙂

    what u said is true 🙂

  • ddtaylor9@yahoo.com

    I feel alone people what the best from me. I”m a bad people 4 not reach my goals. I DON;T WANT TO FELL NO MORE WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  • its true we always run in life for one goal to be happy then one day when our energy ends we just stop and relize that we v did nothing to make us happy and the worst case is that its too late to relize time is over and ur life is telling u that ur game is over

  • Dude….super duper like…..I can again connect to one of your treasure…

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