Wake up and Smell the coffee!

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waking up one morning
i find you sitting on the balcony
a cup of coffee in one hand
staring at the light blue sky

watching the teardrops
slowly turning the
a sweet cup of coffee
into a salty concoction
i call out your name

receiving no response
i make my way closer to you
one look into your face
makes it all clear

like a hunter chasing after a dove
the past has once again caught up with you
as strong as an elephant on the outside
deep inside, you are still a tender little child

whatever i say
whatever i do
is just like a writing on the seashore
when the next wave comes in, everything will be gone

slowly leaving the room
i rush outside, in the early morning mist
only to find the shops slammed shut
too early to wake anyone up
i scamper back home
grabbing the only thing i could find
scribble a note
and slip it underneath the door

i can’t fight the tears you are crying;
i can’t erase the past that you want to forget;
but just like the sugar in your coffee
i can sweeten up your life!


note: The saying “Wake up and smell the coffee” is said to someone to suggest that they begin to pay attention and try to see the true facts of a situation or event which is relevant to their lives.
In this scenario, it is meant to say “the past cannot be undone nor you can change the past”. So thinking about the past and worrying today is not going to help the future. its just gonna make life difficult for you and for those who care for you/around you. 🙂

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