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Flowers for the lady


waiting inside the church
for what seemed an eternity
i paitently stand there for
you to walk down the aisle

when the thirst of life increased
time slowed down to a trickle
destiny has it own way
life takes its own course

looking back through time
barely a year had passed
since i saw you
alone with a group of friends

shyness, hesitation, fear
different names
different expressions
yet meant the same – love

a lil “hi” here
a lil “bye” there
what was once a monologue
changed into a dialogue

whispering words
we sang a lullaby
and drift off to sleep every night
into the moonlight

  in the cold november rain
watching you slowly climb down the stairs
eyes in anticipation
my heart beat audible to all

going down on one knee
holding a bouquet of
flowers for the lady
i wait in anticipation
eager to climb up the ladder of life

with you!



single meaning. some lines can have multiple meanings but the poem in itself has only one meaning Smile
image courtesy – google
this is in response to a note sent by My Utterances regarding her “Flowers Of Shiraz” post.
ofcourse you can replace the church with any other place of your choice Smile

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